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Sunday Morning Contact #s Sacristy (primary) 226-3543
Sunday Morning Contact #s Kitchen 226-3508
Sunday Morning Contact #s Vesting Room 443-8561
Dean The Very Rev. Andrew Pearson 226-3510
Dean’s Admin Assistant & Parish Records Mrs. Eva Beard 226-3510
IT Director & Web Editor Mr. Charles Gaston 443-8555
Lenten Hospitality Coordinator Mrs. Sandy Bowron Blalock 226-3519
Publications Director Mr. Spencer Leffel 226-3540
Publications Associate Mr. Chris Maxwell 443-8554
Sunday Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Anita Gray 226-3503
Deacon The Rev. Kathi Jacob 451-7561
Curacy Fellow Mr. Stephen McCarthy 226-3548
Lay Canon Theologian Dr. Mark Gignilliat 726-4123
Canon for Pastoral Care
& Advent Episcopal School Chaplain
The Rev. Canon Craig Smalley 443-8569
Pastoral Care Admin Assistant Mrs. Robin Turner 226-3500
Aftercare & Parish Visitors Ministries Mrs. Stella Schreiber 443-8558
Seniors Ministry Coordinator Mrs. Katherine Kilpatrick 443-8559
Advent House Coordinator Mrs. Kathy Logue 410-4622
Canon Missioner &
Director of Women’s Ministries
The Rev. Canon Deborah Leighton 226-3511
Outreach Coordinator Ms. Rebecca Rone 226-3512
Outreach Admin Assistant Mrs. Carol Williams 443-8550
Canon for Christian Education The Rev. Canon Joe Gibbes 226-3549
Director of Adult Ed./Licensed Counselor Mr. Gil Kracke 226-3516
Director of Youth Ministries Mr. Cameron Cole 226-3545
Senior High Youth Director Ms. Sarah Seibels 443-8563
Junior High Youth Director Mr. Jay Gardner 910-3646
Junior High Youth Director Ms. Katie Carroll 443-8551
CE Admin Assistant Mrs. LaVonda Keel 443-8557
Director of Children’s Ministries Ms. Elizabeth Wilson 226-3547
Children’s Ministries Associate Mrs. Laurie Shanks 910-0848
Nursery Coordinator Mrs. Leslie Housman 443-8552
Director of Small Groups Mrs. Emily Menendez 585-8844
Canon for Parish Life and Evangelism The Rev. Canon Matt Schneider 226-3502
Newcomer Coordinator Mrs. Sandy Bowron Blalock 226-3519
Director, Evening Service Music Mr. Glenn Lewis 614-3001
Parish Life Admin Assistant Mrs. Carol Williams 443-8550
Director of Music & Organist Dr. Fred Teardo 226-3506
Associate Director of Music & Organist Dr. Charles Kennedy 226-3505
Music Admin Assistant Mrs. Beulah Fowler 443-8553
Music Admin Assistant (Children’s Choirs) Mrs. Laurie Shanks 910-0848
Administrator Mr. Bryan Helm 226-3501
Assistant Administrator Mrs. Dorothy White 226-3515
Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable Ms. Beth Anne Maier 226-3517
Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable Mrs. Brenda Early 226-3542
Building Manager Mr. Brad Horne 226-3504
Building Engineer Mr. Kevin Talley 226-3514
Episcopal Book Store Manager Mrs. Cindy Funderburk 323-2959
Receptionist Ms. Anita Gray 226-3503
Hospitality Coordinator Mr. Bob Goodwin 529-6359