Fall 2016 Inquirers Class

living room 400

The Inquirers’ Class is a special adult education course open to anyone, but it is particularly designed with newcomers to the Advent in mind as well as adults considering confirmation, reception from another denomination, or public reaffirmation of their faith.

The series meets for ten weeks in the fall and spring, and as an accelerated evening course as announced. Each lesson stands alone, and anyone is welcome to join us at any time during the course. We meet at 10:05 a.m. in the Living Room (at the north end of Clingman Commons, our Parish Hall).

For more information, contact Sandy Blalock at 205.226.3519 or Sandy@CathedralAdvent.com.

Aug. 28th (A tour starting in the church)
I’m New Here: What’s Going On? Where Is Everything?
Sandy Blalock

Sept. 11th
Protestant Anglicanism
Matt Schneider

Sept. 18th
Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition
Zac Hicks

Sept. 25th
What Forms Lasting Faith
Cameron Cole

Oct. 2nd
The Nature of God
Brandon Bennett

Oct. 9th
Human Nature
Matt Schneider

Oct. 16th
The Gospel of Grace
Matt Schneider

Oct. 23rd
The Life of Faith
Doug Webster

Oct. 30th
The Sufficiency of Scripture
Mark Gignilliat

Nov. 6th
A History of the Advent
Matt Schneider

Nov. 13th (12:30 in the Refectory – TENTATIVE)
Lunch : The Vision of the Advent
Andrew Pearson