Fellowship Groups


Fellowship groups are a great way to meet people from the Advent in your age demographic. Each group typically meets three or four times per year. The meetings are often held in members’ homes, and there is always food—either heavy hors-d’oeuvres or a light supper. Sometimes there is a brief talk by a guest speaker

Here are the groups:

“Twenty-somethings” (ages 22 – 29)

“Saints & Sinners” (ages 30 – 39)

“Happy Mediums” (ages 40 – 49)

“Advent Boomers” (ages 50 – 69)

Nobody gets “carded” so you can try any group you like. Within reason…

For more information, email Miriam Morris, or phone her at 970-0237; also, watch The Adventurer for news about fellowship group events.