Fellowship Groups


Fellowship groups are a great way to meet more of your fellow Adventers. Each group typically meets three or four times a year, usually Sunday evenings between 6:30 and 8:00. The meetings are held in members’ homes, and there is always food – either heavy hors-d’oervres or a light supper. Sometimes there is a (very brief) guest speaker.

Here are the groups:

“Twenty-somethings” (ages 22 – 29)

“Saints & Sinners” (ages 30 – 39)

“Happy Mediums” (ages 40 – 49)
The Happy Mediums (40 Somethings) will be meeting on Sunday, March 22, at the home of Sally and Bo Lineberry (2973 Briarcliff Road, sally.lineberry@gmail.com) from 7:00 – 8:30 for dinner and fellowship. 

Matt Schneider will be speaking.  

To sign up for this event, visit the The Happy Mediums table in Clingman Commons on Sunday, March 8 and Sunday, March 15. More info to follow.

“Advent Boomers” (ages 50 – 69)
The Boomers will gather for dessert and coffee Thursday, February 26, 7:00 p.m. at Cranmer House. Jono Linebaugh, Associate Professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary and one of our Lenten preachers, will speak. RSVP to Carol Williams (443-8550; Carol@CathedralAdvent.com).

Nobody gets “carded” so you can try any group you like. Within reason…

For more information, email Miriam Morris, or phone her at 970-0237; also, watch The Adventurer for news about fellowship group events.