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Womens Ministry Events 2016-2017


Audio: Women’s Bible Study in 1 Cor (9/26):

Audio: Women’s Bible Study in 1 Cor (9/19):

Audio: Women’s Bible Study in 1 Cor (9/12):


Advent Women’s Ministries
As the Lord calls his children to communities of faith, Advent Women’s Ministries seeks to provide women of the church multiple opportunities to seek and serve our risen Lord. Various groups and study options look to provide multiple contexts where the Gospel is always heard and the Lord’s transforming presence can be known and proclaimed.

Whether studying the Bible in large groups or small groups, praying for cares and concerns of our church family, serving during our community-wide Lenten Preaching Series, or lending our hands and hearts to the mission and various ministries of the church, Advent Women’s Ministries looks to afford every woman a Christ-centered place to grow.

Canon Deborah Leighton is Director of Advent Women’s Ministries.

Spiritual Growth
Each year the Advent provides multiple events where the women of the church can receive from the Lord through local leaders and guest speakers. These events are free of charge for all women of the church and their guests. In addition, there are many Bible Study opportunities offered throughout the year, both general and topical, both short-term and open-ended.

This year, Canon Leighton will teach two “drop-in” Bible studies. On Wednesdays, she’ll provide a teaching with discussion from the Scripture passages that will be read during the coming Sunday’s morning worship services. On Fridays, she will teach from Paul’s Epistles, beginning with his letter to the Galatians.

For more information on smaller, committed groups, please contact Small Groups Director, Fontaine Pope (443-8562).

Prayer Ministries
Daughters of the King is a calling to a lifelong commitment of prayer for others. For information, please call Julia King (256-239-2350).

Mission and Outreach Ministries
Multiple possibilities exist for those women who feel called to support the Advent’s mission and outreach ministries. From being involved in our large-scale Lenten Preaching Series to serving at the Thursday morning worship service for the homeless, from assisting with after-school programs to helping raise funds for overseas missions, there are many options to explore. Contact Outreach Director Bethany Rushing (226-3512) or Anita Gray (443-8550) to see where you could best serve.

ECW (Episcopal Church Women)
The ECW chapter at the Advent provides the opportunity for women of the same age and stage in life to get to know each other, as they work together to serve the Body of Christ. The different guilds meet regularly for study and fellowship. Each guild has a special area of service within the walls of the Advent, and some guilds reach out regularly as well. For more information, or to connect with the guild for your age group, please call Tamara Sansbury (262-9790).

Downloadable Files:

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