Our Vestry

At the annual parish meeting in January, we elect ten new vestry members to serve a three-year term. 

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James L. Priester, Senior Warden
Stephen K. Greene, Junior Warden
James A. Bradford, Clerk
Hewes T. Hull, Treasurer

Serving from January 2013 to December 2015:
Michael S. Denniston
Harold H. Goings
John W. Hargrove
J. Bailey Knight, III
Kathryn S. Logue
S. Britton Neal
Paul G. Petznick
Jackson R. Sharman, III
David G. Tanner
Frank W. Tynes

Serving from January 2014 to December 2016:
James S. Andrews
Frances A. Cade
Denson N. Franklin, III
Stephen K. Greene
Mary R. Hanson
Julia W. King
Todd W. Liscomb
J. Claiborne Morris, Sr.
Fontaine H. Pope
Michael T. Sansbury

Serving from January 2015 to December 2017 (photos coming soon):
Frederick W. (Ricky) Bromberg
Judy F. Greenwood
Troy C. Haas
Leland Hull, Jr.
David S. McKee, Jr.
Katherine J. (Kate) Nielsen
Oscar M. Price, IV
Caroline M. Springfield
Robin A. Wade, III
Louise W. Yoder

Council of Senior Wardens Emeriti
Robin K. Anderson
Walter M. Beale, Jr.
Nina J. Botsford
James A. Bradford
Frank H. Bromberg, Jr.
J.D. Brown, Jr.
Benjamin S. Carroll
W. Anthony Davis, III
George B. Elliott, Jr.
Susan S. Elliott
M. James Gorrie
James L. Goyer, III
Victor H. Hanson, III
Hewes T. Hull
Henry Lynn, Jr.
George A. Mattison, IV
Winston T. McCalley
Lee M. Pope
R. William Pradat, Jr.
William S. Pritchard, Jr.
William S. Pritchard, III
Bruce A. Rawls
Henry G. Seibels, Jr.
Henry G. Seibels, III
G. Hampton Smith
Hatton C.V. Smith
W. Stancil Starnes
George C. Thompson
W. Lee Thuston
William D. Tynes, Jr.
Thomas A.S. Wilson