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Dean’s Bulletin Board 03.17.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 03.17.2020 1
Not that I have any extra time on my hands, (I am busier than I have ever been in ministry), but I am taking the time to look into the Spanish Flu epidemic in Birmingham in 1918.  I am trying to learn what ministry looked like then because the circumstances are eerily similar.
Because the Spanish Flu hit Birmingham in October 1918, it did not effect our Lenten preaching series.  Yes, it was happening then.  However, it did impact Sunday gatherings and meetings throughout the week.  
On October 8, the City Commission of Birmingham closed all places of public assembly for two weeks, including churches.  Before the two weeks was up, it was extended an additional two weeks.  However, the ban was lifted on October 31, but further precautions (like wearing gauze masks) were encouraged. (https://www.influenzaarchive.org/cities/city-birmingham.html#)
If possible, I’ll try to get over to the Linn Henley Library where our archives are housed to see what it was we did during those weeks.  
This article from 9 Marks (https://www.9marks.org/article/how-dc-churches-responded-when-the-government-banned-public-gatherings-during-the-spanish-flu-of-1918/?fbclid=IwAR1rf_rM-9umq7zO_Uk6X4Khpwy9J21xRqLbVxEMBg2DTvbLohMUV0VbqEc) talks about what happened in Washington, DC during the epidemic.  I have a feeling that Birmingham reacted similarly.
Let’s continue to pray and look out of those who will especially need their church family in the coming days.  
In Christ,

Church Offices Closed

Church Offices Closed 2

Effective March 17, Advent church offices are closed until further notice. Gospel ministry can and will continue as our staff shift to work from their homes during this unprecedented time in our church’s history. Contact information is available on our website and voicemail boxes attached to phone numbers listed are all accessible to our staff from their homes. 

We will continue to pray for Adventers during this season. In the event of a hospitalization or other health crisis, please call 205.226.3500 and leave a message with your name (or your loved one’s), hospital name (if applicable), and details regarding the situation. The Advent Pastoral Care team will check this voicemail box during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays). 

Lenten Preaching sermons will continue Mondays through Fridays at 12:05 p.m. by livestream or video on our website, and links will be posted just before we go live on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. Recordings of prior sermons are also available on our website (in the right column of the livestream feature, scroll through the pages of recordings to find those you would like to watch). 

We will continue gathering for livestream worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m., will provide a worship bulletin for download each week (we’re working on adjusting the format to make it easier to use in this digital environment), and will continue to provide Sunday school lessons for families. For a video tour of how all these elements of our service work together during this season, click here. Emails with details for the upcoming service will go out toward the end of each week. 

If you have additional questions regarding how to access the worship service now answered above, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email to Communications@CathedralAdvent.com