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Advent Small Groups | Mary Altz-Smith

A Richer Experience Every Week

Although I had been a member of the Advent congregation for more than 35 years, I joined my first small group Bible study with Deborah Leighton after retirement. At present, I participate in three Bible studies each week and take courses with Beeson’s Lay Academy online. The tragedy of the Covid epidemic has had a personal silver lining, forcing me to acquire some basic remote online learning skills, largely Zoom. Because of a familial hearing loss, I was not as able to understand questions or comments from other participants during in-person meetings. Rather than being more detached on my computer or iPhone, I now can hear all comments and feel my small groups are in some ways more intimate. We often “catch up” with our lives before Bible study begins, and we get to see a little of each others’ private space at home or work. The study of God’s word becomes a richer experience every week. I thank our Lord daily for Advent’s encouraging and supporting online study and community.
—Mary Altz-Smith

This summer we are working on forming new groups that will begin in the fall. Please, contact Fontaine Pope (Fontaine@ CathedralAdvent.com, 205-443-8562) if you are interested.

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