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Advent Small Groups | The Eldridges

Small Groups Will Not Disappoint!

The journey with our small group started like so many others have started at the Advent — in the den of Don and Jane Menendez, two of God servants that we will forever be thankful for.  As we began in our group, we were all there for guidance in our spiritual growth, parenting growth, and I would say, to be closer with our parish.

Through the last couple of years, our family’s spiritual growth as a whole can directly be taken back to our small group.  The fellowship and friends we have encountered as we prayed, read scripture, and discussed the Bible has been imperative to our daily spiritual growth.  With each and every week, our group, as I am sure many others would say, became closer to each other, and I could feel the power and guidance of God in our daily lives.  Our small group has been an absolute blessing for us, and I would encourage every parish member to explore the small groups at the Advent — it will not disappoint!
—Jamey and Katy Eldridge

Interested in joining a small group? Contact Fontaine Pope for more information.

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