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Advent Small Groups | Tina Tynes

The Importance of Studying and Sharing Scripture with Others

I returned “home” to The Advent in 2021 after the 2020 Covid-quarantine blessing of online worship and the ability to visit various churches.

I immediately dove into Sunday worship, Sunday School, individual Bible study, and listening to various teachings online. I received a call from Fontaine about joining a small group. I was instantly intimidated by the thought. Could I measure up to the biblical intellect of the members at the Advent? As silly as that might sound, it was a true fear. With courage that only the Lord can provide, I joined a women’s small group.

The group was comprised of both familiar faces and new faces — all at different stages in their walk of faith with Jesus. During the spring, we completed a study on the Holy Spirit. We were all shocked that we had never studied this before in our lives. This study truly transformed my life. It was so beneficial to hear another person’s interpretation of Scripture and how it relates to their life. I realized the importance of studying and sharing Scripture with others. We cannot begin to understand it all on our own. My small-group journey has laid the foundation for biblical study in the future.

I cannot imagine walking the journey of my Christian faith alone. We cannot be in true community with our Lord without Christian relationships. A small group can provide those relationships.

—Tina Tynes

Join a small group! To find out more about Small Groups, please contact Fontaine Pope (Fontaine@CathedralAdvent.com, 205-443-8562).

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