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Dean’s Bulletin Board 02.08.2021

Dean's Bulletin Board 02.08.2021 1

A great encouragement in light of my sermon yesterday on Isaiah 40.  Providential I should stumble across this today! Click Here We Can Have Confidence Stephen Nichols | Jan 18, 2021  Sennacherib ruled Assyria from the capital city of Nineveh, which was the largest city in the world at the time. He was formidable, ruthless, a military … Read more Dean’s Bulletin Board 02.08.2021

Dean’s Bulletin Board 12.17.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 12.17.2020 4

A worthwhile podcast on the unity of the Church with Chase Kuhn (a Beeson grad) and Archbishop Peter Jensen (a real friend to the Advent). Take some time out to listen! andrew Click to Listen Podcast episode 052: Are denominations a problem for church unity? with Peter Jensen For centuries now, people have questioned whether … Read more Dean’s Bulletin Board 12.17.2020

Dean’s Bulletin Board 09.10.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 09.10.2020 9

The Advent has had a relationship with George Whitefield College (GWC) the past few years.  We’ve hosted them here in Birmingham, even hearing Steve Rockwell preach a few times.   GWC is the premier theological college in Africa and God is using them to make a big impact for the gospel.  I hope that you will … Read more Dean’s Bulletin Board 09.10.2020