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CHILDren & Youth

At the Advent we recognize the transformative power of the gospel during every stage of our lives, and we seek opportunities for the gospel to do its work on all who enter, at every age. We believe our church is a “family of families” and we actively seek ways to engage all Adventers in ministries appropriate for their seasons.

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Infant Baptism

The Advent is grateful for every opportunity we have to engage with children and to play a role in significant moments. Infant baptism is certainly one of these moments and marks a milestone in each child’s life. Contact Robin@CathedralAdvent.com to discuss baptism options.

Infant holding a finger


Infancy through toddlerhood

The Advent Nursery provides young children, aged six weeks through two years, with safe, loving care, giving parents respite and time for renewal on Sunday mornings, evenings, and during special services. Because the nursery is a child’s earliest contact with the church, we plant the seeds of the gospel through prayers, Bible verses, and songs of praise on Sunday mornings while older children in the Nursery participate in crafts and circle time. Connect with Tara@CathedralAdvent.com for more information.

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Pre-school through sixth grade

The Advent Children’s Ministry befriends, educates, and encourages children in preschool and elementary school on Sundays in Sunday school classes led by dedicated Adventers. Three and four-year-old children spend the entire morning in their classes. Children in Kindergarten through third grade attend the 9:00 a.m. worship service in the Nave with their parents and leave midway through the service after a blessing from the clergy. Fourth through sixth graders attend the entire service with their parents and attend Sunday school classes during the Christian Education hour at 10:15. 

In addition to our ongoing Sunday morning classes, the Advent hosts one of downtown Birmingham’s longest running Vacation Bible Schools early each summer. Around 200 children (preschool through fifth grade) experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ for a week as they learn from our faithful and gifted volunteers. 

Email Tara@CathedralAdvent.com for more information and follow @AdventChildrensMinistry on Instagram. 


Seventh through twelfth grade

Junior and Senior High students gather on Sunday mornings during the education hour (10:15 to 10:50 a.m.) for study and fellowship. Our youth gather often for dinner together at Cranmer House (2814 Linden Avenue in Homewood), as well as numerous special events, programs, retreats, and trips throughout the year. Small group Bible studies for every grade meet during the week. Email Tucker@CathedralAdvent.com with questions about the Advent’s Junior High Ministry (grades seven and eight) or Lankford@CathedralAdvent.com for information related to our Senior High Ministry (grades nine through twelve). Follow this vibrant and engaged ministry on Instagram @TheAdventYouth

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