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Dean’s Bulletin Board 11.17.2020

This is a long video on a very difficult subject that may require you to do some follow up reading.  That being said, it’s worth the watch.  Bottom line, Daisy was born a girl, transitioned to being a man, and is now detransitioning back to being a woman.  This latest turn is the result of her coming to faith in Christ.  She has been recording Youtube videos since she was about 11 years old.  So, she has documented her life every step of the way and it is nothing short of an incredible story of God’s breaking in to someone’s life.  

The church doesn’t like to talk about these sorts of things, but everyone else is.  As Collin Hansen reminds us, ‘Your child is being catechized all the time’.  If we’re not talking about it, what is being learned is from those outside of the faith.
Now, the point of watching this is not so much the gender/sexuality issue, but how God’s grace broke into her life.  If someone like her showed up at your church, how would you respond?  Would we think that they were beyond God’s grace?  Don’t believe it for a second.

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