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Dean & Rector Search

Updates on the work of our Search Committee will be posted here as they come available. If you wish to receive these updates in your inbox, subscribe to our parish-news email list HERE. To contact the committee directly, email DeanSearch@CathedralAdvent.com. 

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Process & Timeline

Interim Dean appointed by Vestry ✔️
Search Committee appointed by Vestry ✔️

PLAN 100%

Appoint Prayer Coordinator for search process ✔️
Develop Search Committee unity and trust (pray, discuss, listen, read, and research) ✔️
Prepare Survey ✔️
Prepare Parish Profile
Prepare Dean Position Profile ✔️
Gather information


Collect and receive list of potential candidates
Review, research, study, listen, and discuss candidates
Prayerfully glean candidates to meet Dean’s Profile
Visit, meet, and interview


Choose, confirm, and recommend final candidate to Vestry
Extend Call 
Announce new Dean and Rector
Praise, welcome, and celebrate



Dear Friends,

First, a heartfelt thank you to all for your prayers and support of the Advent, particularly the search committee, as we continue to discern God’s will in our search for our next Dean and Rector. We are also extremely grateful for the many names of potential candidates you have shared with us. 

Second, please take a moment and complete our parish survey, linked above in the timeline. Your input will be extremely important and is greatly appreciated. Please complete the survey by Monday, September 20.  

Finally, one of the most important things we can do as the body of Christ gathered at the Advent to demonstrate the hope that is in us as we await our next Dean is to gather in corporate worship. If you are able to join us, shake off the Covid blues in worship and fellowship this Sunday. We have missed you!  

As the author of Hebrews reminds us, it is easy to drift when we neglect to meet together: 

Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it…And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. (Heb. 2:1, 10:24-25)

With God’s grace and in his timing, we look forward to our successful call of the Cathedral Church of the Advent’s next Dean and Rector.


The Search Committee


The Dean and Rector of the Cathedral Church of the Advent will be a gifted preacher and teacher of the orthodox Christian faith, understanding that we are all sinners in constant need of the message of Christ’s redeeming love.

The Dean and Rector will communicate this message to people clearly, concretely, and personally, both orally and through the written word.

In leading this Christ-centered parish, the Dean and Rector will live a Christ-centered life, with personal Bible study and prayer as regular parts. In responding to God’s word, the Dean and Rector’s relationship to the Lord will be manifest in compassion for his flock, with a desire for all to know Christ personally and to be inspired to carry the gospel out into the world.

The Dean and Rector will lead the clergy and lay staff. While daily responsibility for administrative, financial, and program direction may be delegated to others, the Dean and Rector must be personally engaged with all members of the clergy and staff, bringing oversight and vision along with appreciation and commitment to all aspects of the life and programs of the parish.

In leading the parish, the Dean and Rector recognizes that an effective church is one unified by the love of Christ and his call to spread the gospel. The Dean and Rector’s leadership will accommodate the dynamics of a large and diverse urban parish and reflect a genuine concern and sensitivity to the needs of each parishioner. Anchored in the love of Christ, the Dean and Rector will have a “pastor’s heart” manifested in all aspects of the Dean and Rector’s ministry and from which flows a discernible love for the congregation and compassion for all sinners.

The Cathedral Church of the Advent is above all else a parish church, but one which values its special relationship with the Diocese of Alabama. The Dean and Rector will work collaboratively with the Bishop of Alabama to foster the mission of the Advent as a Bible- believing, Christ-centered parish church and to enable the Advent, as the Cathedral of the Diocese, to serve well the Diocese and its other parishes.

Dear Parish Family, 

The Search Committee began meeting in June, and during these initial meetings, we have focused on laying groundwork that will be fundamental to the discernment process in the months ahead. To build unity, we spent time getting to know one another by sharing our personal faith journeys. To understand where our church has been and where it is now, we reviewed the rich history of the Advent, the Diocese of Alabama, the national Episcopal Church, and our former deans. We prayerfully divided leadership duties and set goals for the busy months ahead. Most importantly, our meetings have involved time in God’s word and in prayer. Each of us believes that our committee and our search must be steeped in prayer and centered around God’s word. We pray for our church family, our clergy, our vestry, and each other. We also pray for whoever God has chosen to be our next dean. 

We have developed a parish survey so that the congregation may provide feedback, regarding the specific talents and qualities that are desired in our new dean. Soon, the survey will be sent via email, postal mail, and linked on our website. Individual Advent members, 16 years of age and older, may submit a survey response. Your input is both valuable and vital to this process. We look forward to hearing from each of you.

The entire Search Committee desires to be transparent; however, we simply are not able to share all details and discussions. Our Process & Timeline, above, will be a helpful resource in understanding the work of our committee. If you would like to follow along and read future updates, visit AdventBirmingham.org/DeanSearch.

What can you do to help?  

  1. Pray for us and with us — Pray that our committee will work this process and faithfully wait on God to act.
  2. Read with us — To help guide our search, we are reading When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search by Chris Brauns. We encourage you to get a copy and read it along with us. It will provide insight as to how we are approaching this process: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1).
  3. Pray for our next dean — Pray that he/she will be available and obedient to God’s calling and for his/her family.
  4. Understand our need for confidentiality — As we move through this search together, please do not ask us to share information discussed in our meetings regarding specific candidates. 
  5. Communicate with us — Share your thoughts, comments, and recommendations with us in person or via email (DeanSearch@Cathedraladvent.com).

Mary Hanson has graciously taken on the role of Prayer Coordinator. She has organized Advent House prayer teams, sends prayers to small groups, and connects with anyone willing to pray for us. We would love to include you as we seek God’s promises for our church. If you would like to receive these prayers, please email Mary to be added to the list.

Finally, we collectively would like to have a monthly prayer focus, and this month, we ask that you join us in praying for unity:

Holy Father, who with Christ and the Holy Spirit are one, bring oneness to our Advent Search Committee. We pray that this team will be unified in purpose and walk together in the direction you set before them. Protect this group from the evil one who would seek to divide and sow seeds of discord. Allow trust to flourish among them as they labor to uncover the minister you have been preparing in heart, mind, and spirit for our church, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. 

In Christ,

The Search Committee

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Vestry has the privilege and duty of issuing a call for a new Dean. On behalf of the Vestry, we are pleased to announce the newly formed Search Committee whose role will be to facilitate this process and to recommend a candidate to the Vestry. The members of the Search Committee who have been prayerfully selected are:

Robin Anderson
Anne-Marie Brown
Tanya Cooper
David Fleming
Ginger Mayfield
Beeland Nielsen
Gunter Owens
Browning Thornton

John Hargrove, ex officio
Jay Ezelle, ex officio
Don Menendez, Chair

The work of the Search Committee will begin immediately.  We invite you to assist us with our work as we begin the process of discernment and search for a new Dean.

First, we ask for your prayers as we begin this journey. Please join the Vestry and our Search Committee in offering prayers daily for the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit as we discern God‘s will for our church and its next Dean.

Second, we encourage you to share with us the names of individuals whom you feel should be considered. We have an email address specifically for the search: DeanSearch@CathedralAdvent.com.  Any background information you can provide would be helpful. In doing so, be mindful that confidentiality of the work of the Search Committee is essential.   So, while each of the above members will be an open and willing listener, please understand that they will not be able to provide any feedback to you on any suggested candidate. We thank you for your patience and understanding of the need for confidentiality throughout this process.

Finally, later this summer we will be conducting a parish-wide survey designed to help guide the Search Committee as they carry out their work.  Your input is important and will be greatly appreciated.

With God’s grace, we look forward to a successful call of the Cathedral Church of the Advent’s next Dean.


Don Menendez

John Hargrove
Senior Warden

Jay Ezelle
Junior Warden