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Bible Benchmarks: Lesson 3

Advent Christian Academy is an online gathering space where children can grow in biblical literacy and catechism knowledge. The Advent provides three lessons per week that include a Bible reading from our Bible Benchmarks resource, video instruction, an engaging worksheet, and links to music from New City Catechism. These 30-minute lessons enable families to offer their children Christian education at home.

All Bible Benchmarks lessons are full of wonderful biblical instruction for all who engage with them and if you landed on this page, you’re welcome to proceed with this lesson. If you’d like to start at the beginning of the Bible and follow the series, click here to view Lesson 1 and click here to view Lesson 2

Bible Benchmarks Lesson 3: Genesis 3

I. Know the Bible! (Biblical Literacy)

ACA Lesson Plan
Bible Benchmarks Curriculum 
Your Bible
ACA Worksheet
A computer, tablet, or other device that will allow you to  watch videos with parental supervision

Step #1: Watch Introduction Video

Step #2: Read Bible Benchmarks summary for Reading #3 (Genesis 3 – The Fall) found on Page 16 in the Bible Benchmarks curriculum. 

Step #3 – Read Genesis 3 in your Bible or with an adult. 

Step #4 Download and complete this worksheet

Cool Bonus Exercise: Watch this YouTube video about Genesis 1-11 from the Bible Project. It is better suited for older students. It has great graphics! 

II. Know the Truth! (Catechism Training)

Step #1 – Read the question below and answer below out loud. 

Question: How many persons are there in God? 
Answer: There are three persons in One God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Step #2 – Listen to and memorize the song for Question 3 below. 

Stay tuned to the Advent Blog for additional lessons as they become available. 

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