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Gathering in the Nave

With the vaccine becoming more widely available, we are delighted to move towards large gatherings on Sundays.  The vaccine is now available to everyone over 16 years of age, and more than one-third of the residents of Jefferson County have received at least one dose.  Accordingly, we are making plans to have more people and activity return to our campus on Sunday mornings, as we approach and pass benchmarks. 

We are planning our return in three phases.  Notable aspects of each phase include:

Phase I (began April 11)

  • The Refectory is available for overflow seating at both the 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services.
  • The age threshold for the nursery is lowered to 15 months. Each of our three rooms will be open for up to 6 children. 
  • Masks are still required.
  • Registrations limits of 160 in the Nave, 60 in the Refectory.

Phase II (begins May 2)

  • Nave seating in every pew for both the 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services.
  • Suggested that no more than 7 people sit in a pew, allowing people to stagger themselves. (Full seating capacity is 14 people per pew.)
  • Overflow seating in the Refectory continues.
  • Coffee is available in Clingman Commons.
  • The age threshold for the nursery is lowered to include infants. Each room will be open for up to 8 children. 
  • All children’s and youth classes are on campus.
  • Fuller compliment of adult education classes resume.
  • Masks will be required until notice.
  • Registrations limits of 325 in the Nave, 75 in the Refectory.

Phase III (TBD)

We hope to move to Phase III later this summer, as vaccination availability and other markers continue to improve.  The exact date is TBD.

  • No seating restrictions in the Nave.
  • No overflow seating in the Refectory.
  • No registration or masks required.
  • All three Nursery rooms (Infants, Toddlers, and Twos) are open, with no registration required.
  • Kindergarten through Third Grade children will begin each service in the Nave.
  • Breakfast will resume.

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