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Search Committee Update | January 20, 2022

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The Search Committee remained busy over Christmas and into the New Year. Since our last update on December 1, we have met nine times. We are focused faithfully on the task you have entrusted us. Our charge, responsibility, and mission have not changed, and we have had productive and honest discussions regarding the leadership style, vision, character, and faithfulness required in our next Dean and Rector.  As always, we are relying on the Holy Spirit to give us a clear vision of where we are, and more importantly, where we are headed, not only as a Search Committee but as a congregation. Our charge is not for the benefit of the few, but for the whole.

We are currently in the Discernment Phase.  This phase of our four-step process (available for review here) requires the greatest amount of effort, research, discussion, prayer, and time.  What started as a large list of 51 names has narrowed significantly to a solid group which we are excited to explore further and possibly meet. As we begin looking at a smaller pool of candidates, we are called to be deliberate and exhaustive in our efforts, which means this is not the time for us to “fast track” or compromise our responsibilities in any way. Other large, similar churches have told us their searches easily approached 18 months; we are currently approaching seven. We ask for your continued patience and prayers through the process, and also that we all continue to respect the confidentiality that is needed from each Search Committee member. Confidentiality is vital for the privacy of the candidates we are prayerfully considering.

Truly, we are hopeful and energized by how God is leading us through this journey of seeking his will for our church family. We hope that by joining us in prayer and hopeful expectation, you and your family will be as well.

As we labor together for the Kingdom and our Lord’s work in Birmingham through the Advent, we thank you for your continued letters of encouragement, recommendations, patience, and especially prayers.  As always, we welcome your thoughts, comments, or concerns.

God’s peace,
Tanya Cooper

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