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Search Committee Update | May 2, 2022

Advent Family,

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.  (Romans 12:12)

The Search Committee continues its work in the Discernment phase, and recently experienced an intentional, short period of quiet. 

For a few weeks prior to Easter, we did not meet in person, communicate via email, or Zoom with one another. This intentional “quiet period” allowed individual time for prayer and reflection on the abundance of information we have processed the past 10 months. It also gave us the opportunity individually to seek God’s wisdom for what is ahead in this process, as we seek his will for our church. More importantly, this quiet period allowed our candidates a reprieve from distraction during the busy Lenten season, which can generally be quite demanding personally as well as for his or her staff.

Jesus knew the importance of quiet and modeled it throughout the Gospels. He often sent the crowds away so he could pray and reflect. He regularly withdrew from people, activities and even ministry to be alone with his Father. Jesus recognized when he needed quiet, and he knows when we need it as well.  Quiet is most definitely an anomaly in this age of noise, busyness, and 24/7 availability, yet quiet is a gift that is often necessary for renewal or refreshment. 

We resumed meeting the Tuesday following Easter, and it was a most productive gathering. We are currently back on a regular meeting schedule, and have found that we are as eager as you to finish this search. We want to finish well, and we remain committed to our call to work the search process faithfully, prayerfully, intelligently, diligently, and intentionally, as we wait on God to move.

With God’s grace and in his timing, we look forward to a successful call of the Advent’s next Dean and Rector. We appreciate your continued patience and prayer.

As always, we welcome and appreciate your thoughts, comments and concerns. 

Tanya Cooper

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