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ARC Fellows: For Recent College Grads

ARC Fellows: For Recent College Grads 2

What is Arc Fellows? 

Arc Fellows is a 10-month program for recent college grads living and working in Birmingham. As an Arc Fellows, you will get to grow in Christian community through weekly Bible studies, a service role in the church, mentorship, and monthly socials.

Why Should I Consider Arc Fellows? 

Being an Arc Fellow will give you an opportunity to immediately get plugged in to a community and a church home as you transition from college— all while living and workingin Birmingham!  It is our hope that as an Arc Fellow, you will experience lasting Christian community and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Who Can Apply to be an Arc Fellow? 

Any young adult ages 21-24 who is living in Birmingham who desires to grow in their relationship with Christ and desires to have Christian community. Whether you were really involved in Christian fellowship in college or whether you see Arc as a chance to reconnect with the church and the Lord, we encourage you to apply. 

How do I Apply to be an Arc Fellow?

The Arc Fellows Ministry is completely cost-free. Arc Fellows starts in August 2020. 

If you’re interested in joining the ARC Fellows, please complete an Application. HERE>>>

New Website: Video Tours

New Website: Video Tours 3

We’re excited to share the Advent’s new digital home with you and we’ve recorded a few video tours to help you find your way around. Please see the links below, click those most relevant to you at this time, and feel free to submit a request for a video not yet listed via the link at the bottom of this page. We also recommend bookmarking this page and visiting frequently in the next few months as you continue getting to know your way around. If you have any questions at any time, please email Communications@CathedralAdvent.com

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