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Dean’s Bulletin Board 03.19.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 03.19.2020 1

Although the President called for a national day of prayer last Sunday, I am afraid that it was lost in the avalanche of information we were receiving about COVID -19.  It’s still not too late, and I am glad that GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference), a renewal movement within the Anglican Communion, is calling for … Read more

Dean’s Bulletin Board 03.13.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 03.13.2020 5

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Bishop Sloan has issued a directive that all congregations in the Diocese of Alabama cease public gatherings March 15 through March 29. As such, we will not be gathering at the Advent for corporate worship, Sunday School, Lenten Preaching, Lenten Lunches, or other meetings that might take place … Read more

Dean’s Bulletin Board 03.11.2020

Dean's Bulletin Board 03.11.2020 6

Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer because of their faith.  This brother, Ismaeil Maghrebinejad, is an Anglican doing the work of evangelist.  Anglicanism where Christianity is under attack is no staid group of the ‘frozen chosen’, but believer who know what they have been saved from and what they are saved to. Read … Read more

Final Radio Broadcast

Final Radio Broadcast 9

We’re grateful for our relationship with WERC and for the many listeners who have gathered with the Advent on Sunday mornings over the radio airwaves. As broadcast options have changed and expanded in recent years, we made the decision to begin streaming our services exclusively through the Advent’s website. This move will allow our church … Read more