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Update from the Search Committee | December 1, 2021

Advent family,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful, meaningful Thanksgiving! We at the Advent certainly have much to be thankful for. Recently, Mary Hanson, our Prayer Coordinator, shared with the Search Committee that more than 400 of you are faithfully praying for our church, our committee, and our future Dean. More than 400! It was not long ago that many of us were feeling fractured, confused, and uncertain about the future of our beloved Advent. Today, we are 400-plus collectively praying as one in Christ Jesus, and that is powerful and encouraging. The Advent has committed and caring clergy, two prayerful and faithful Wardens, and a dedicated staff who have led us well through these many months of change. We are not a church confused or fractured, but a living and daring community of believers seeking Jesus together. We indeed have much to be thankful for.

The Search Committee continues to work through the process of discerning our next Dean. Sermon listening has concluded, and we have begun delving into each candidate’s teachings, writings, and theology. We have narrowed our search from what started as a long list of potential candidates to a smaller group of candidates. That being said, we are continuing to receive letters of recommendation, and we remain open to all possibilities that the Lord presents until the Vestry calls a Dean.

Your opinions, comments, and concerns continue to be at the forefront of our thoughts. We are committed not only to calling a preacher and teacher, but someone who can and will develop clergy, encourage and lead a staff, envision growth, and relate personally to us as a church family. We pray for a pastor who will shepherd us well. We continue to prayerfully follow God’s leading as well as his timing. Our team has again visited Advent House, and the words “wait on the Lord” were received by multiple intercessors. Waiting is often difficult and uncomfortable. However, waiting, more often than not, yields an abundance of fruit and blessing. Thank you for your continued patience.

There is much kingdom work left to do in and through the Advent. We are greatly encouraged and excited about our future. As we move from a season of Thanksgiving into this beautiful season of Advent, which appropriately means “coming,” we ask that you remain in prayer for our clergy, our congregation, our Search Committee, and the man or woman God is preparing in mind and spirit to lead our church.

-Tanya Cooper

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