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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care
and Counseling Ministries

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The Advent offers various ministries and programs to care for our members, as well as Christian counseling for those in need. Our ministry is available to Adventers who are ill, caring for a sick family member, transitioning home after a hospital stay, grieving because of the death of a loved one, or experiencing other difficulties. The Advent’s prayer teams are available to pray for church members and others, for any reason you might seek prayer. For more information about the Advent’s intercessory prayer ministry, see Advent House Prayer Ministry below. 

If you’d like to receive email notices from the Pastoral Care Office, regarding births and deaths in or close to our parish, sign up here.


The Advent offers a range of counseling services to parishioners by our clergy and staff. Contact Stella Schreiber by email or by phone at 205.443.8558 for more information or to schedule and appointment. 


We perform infant baptisms several times each year during regular Sunday worship. To scheduel your child’s baptism, contact Pastoral Care Coordinator Robin Turner by email or phone at 205.226.3500.  

Hospital Ministry

Please let our clergy or the Pastoral Care office know (by email or phone at 205.226.3500) when you or a family member are admitted to a hospital. We would like to pray for you or, when possible, have clergy or trained lay chaplains visit you. 

Meals Ministry

During times of illness or crisis, meal delivery helps alleviate the stress of a basic necessity. If you are in need of a meal after surgery, during a serious illness, or other crisis, contact Stella Schreiber by email or phone at 205.443.8558. 


 The Advent offers a range of counseling services to parishioners by our clergy and staff licensed counselors. Contact Advent clergy, Pastoral Care Coordinator Robin Turner, or make an appointment at Advent House (by email or phone at 205.410.4622). 

Visitation Ministry

Trained Adventers visit parishioners who are homebound for any reason (surgical recovery, prolonged illness, etc.), providing prayer and other pastoral care support.

Contact: Stella Schreiber

Advent House Ministry

Advent House provides a safe space in Birmingham for intercessory prayer whether in a moment crisis or simply in need of wisdom or encouragement. All are welcome to schedule appointments with trained volunteer prayer intercessors.

Contact: Kathy Logue


The Advent offers a number of options for grief support following times of loss. Our clergy and our licensed counselor would welcome an opportunity to meet with you one-on-one. In addition, each fall the Advent offers a six-week Grief Recovery support group that meets one evening a week at Advent House. 

Contact: Robin Turner

Funeral Planning

Meet with Advent Pastoral Care to discuss options and make end-of-life decisions easier for your family.

Contact: Robin Turner