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Men's Ministry 7Young or old, new to the faith or life-long believer, I’m grateful you want to find out more about men’s ministry. I get the question often, “What does men’s ministry do?” I could tell you that we have events, gatherings, and meals together, but that would only scratch the surface because each of those things is meant for more. The goal of our men’s ministry is not event driven but relationship driven: to equip and empower men to follow Jesus, lead their families, invest in others, and model Christ in your life.  How do we do that?

Through connection! Connecting with other men in various walks of life through God’s words, fellowship, and serving are the ways we believe the Lord wants to meet us. My hope is that each man would be involved in ways that challenge, equip, and empower him to pursue the heart of Christ in every aspect of his life. 

Men's Ministry 8I’m here to help in that journey any way that I can.

In Christ,
Wes Sharp


Men's Ministry 9Join us on Thursday, March 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Hewes and Trent Hull (3125 Guilford Rd, 35223) for fellowship and teaching with Joe Gibbes. Joe will be with us during our Lenten Preaching series and will take a few hours on Thursday to spend time with the Men of the Advent.
Dinner will be provided by Taziki’s. Cost is $12 and assistance is available. Register below to let us know you’re coming!