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Backyard Bible Camp: 2020

Backyard Bible Camp

Due to Covid-19, our VBS plans have changed! Since we are not able to meet on campus or off-site as a large group this summer, we are so excited to offer Backyard Bible Camp kits to host 3 days of fun with neighbors, friends and family!

We wanted you to have first dibs on a kit.  It will include materials to share the gospel while enjoying crafts, games, and a Bible story in your yard, driveway, or porch!



What are the dates for BBC?

Registration will be open until July 10.

BBC kit pick up will be July 16 from 2-4 p.m. at the church under the porte cochere in the visitor parking lot on the corner of Richard Arrington Blvd and 6th Avenue North.

Church-wide BBC will take place on July 20, 21 and 22 when staff will be available for support.

How will I register for a BBC kit?

Registration links will be live and on Advent’s webpage under News VBS, as well as sent out via email.

Why do I have to register if I already registered for VBS?

We need you to register so that we can get the materials ready for you to pick up on July 16.

Individual participants do not need to register – only the host family.

What ages may participate in BBC?

Kits will be geared toward rising 4K-4th graders, but please include others of all ages who want to participate!

Who leads BBC? 

You – the Host!  You may want to partner with a neighbor or friend.  Perhaps your small group would like to go in together and parents share the teaching responsibility.  Some may wish to use this as an evangelism opportunity on your street and to include the neighborhood children.

How many people can I invite to BBC at my home?

We recommend keeping the size to a safe and manageable number: with 2-12 children and at least 2 adult leaders.  We encourage adults to wear masks and to practice social distancing.

How long should I plan on BBC lasting?

Plan on hosting BBC for 1.5-2 hours. 

Where should I do this?

For health and safety, all of the BBC should be outside.  You could host in a yard, under trees, in a driveway, or on a patio.

What if my number of participants changes prior to pick up?

Just let us know before July 16 and we will modify your kit accordingly.

Will I receive detailed instructions on how to lead and host BBC?

You will receive a LOT of detail, including a schedule for each day, how to teach the story and how to do each activity. We hope that by providing you with everything you need in materials and instruction you will feel confident to host BBC. (Also know you can modify the plans to best fit your home and style.)

What do I need to provide if I am hosting at my home?

You may want to ask each child or family to bring their own water, snacks, and hand sanitizer.  You might consider having some extras on hand, as well as access to a restroom and optional sprinkler or other water activity.

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