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Faith and Family: Gospel Identity

Faith and Family: Gospel Identity 1

These are hard times for parents. Many are facing some of the most stressful times in their lives as parents. These classes are intended help parents seek God’s wisdom with hard decisions and to help parents find peace in this crazy CoViD season.

Our Children and Worship

Our Children and Worship 2

As we gather around the table this Sunday for Holy Communion, we know that some parents may be asking the important question regarding faith, young children, and the sacrament. A few years ago, Dr. Mark Gignilliat taught on this very subject, and we encourage all with questions to take the time to listen as we prepare our hearts and our homes for this Sunday.

Our Children and Worship: Part One

Cathedral Church of The Advent | October 19, 2014 

Our Children and Worship: Part Two

Cathedral Church of The Advent | October 26, 2014 

Nursery Graduation

Nursery Graduation 3

Commencement services to celebrate the graduation of our 2K students who are moving to 3K and the children’s ministry will be held this Sunday, August 23 from 4:00 – 4:30PM at Overton Park in Mountain Brook. Families and graduates will receive a diploma, enjoy a cupcake, and hear from the children’s pastors and the director of children, youth, and family about the exciting next season! Please email Lucy Kate Green to sign up, if you plan to attend.